Latest Construction Activity

The final caisson arrived into site on the 12th August, completing the fixed quay areas of South Harbour. Congratulations to everyone involved in their safe arrival and transport! Considerable progress has been made on the South Breakwater, which has reached its completed length with work begining on building its profile. Work on the Crown Wall is continuing and the infill work behind the caissons on the North Quay is complete. 

Water Main Installation

On Monday 13th September, work will begin in St. Fittick's Park as part of the water main installation. This is part of the 3km water main works which will connect the expanded Harbour to the existing Scottish Water network and Torry Quay. We will endeavour to keep any disruptions to a minimum and all affected grounds within the Park will be reinstated immediately after the works are completed. All work is being carried out following considerable consultation with Aberdeen City Council. Download a map of the route through the Park. 

Caissons: Floating Bricks

With the final - and 22nd - caisson soon arriving into the South Harbour site, our Project Director and contractors take a look back on the challenges associated with the moving the 8,000 tonne concrete structures in the North Sea...

Latest images from site

The latest drone photos from August, showing all of the caissons in place for the South Pier, progress on the Crown Wall and the South Breakwater. 

Email the project team:
"The knowledge, skill and innovation that is going into every element of construction is truly amazing, and I am very proud of everyone who is involved in this monumental project. The expansion of Aberdeen Harbour will open a world of possibilities for our customers and port users, while radically growing Scotland’s maritime industry and international shipping potential.”
Keith Young, AHEP Project Director