Aberdeen Energy Transition

The North East of Scotland has incredible assets. More than 50 years of investment in technology and skills has created a basis of great potential and presents us with the opportunity to make a major contribution to delivering net zero and retain the highly skilled workforce in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen aims to become a global integrated energy cluster, which embraces the processes of energy transition in the city and region and creates infrastructure that maximises renewable energy output. A key element of this vision is the establishment of an Energy Transition Zone in the area immediately adjacent to our South Harbour expansion.

This zone will be dedicated to the development, production, assembly and storage of infrastructure required to support energy transition, including renewable energy related industries (offshore wind, tidal, hydrogen and solar), and underpins the broader process of energy integration that is underway in the North Sea.

We are working with organisations including Opportunity North East, the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, Oil & Gas UK and the British Port Association to leverage the economic potential of our £350 million investment and put the port at the very heart of a game-changing vision for the future.

Powered by Hydrogen

We will be a key partner in the development of a hydrogen economy in Aberdeen.  With the transferrable oil and gas expertise in the region, and growing capacity for renewable energy generation, there is a clear opportunity for us to be a hydrogen hub at the forefront of a competitive hydrogen economy, and use our infrastructure to support the growth of the sector. To find out more about Aberdeen's hydrogen strategy and its potential to significantly reduce the region's carbon emissions, visit H2 Aberdeen

Aberdeen Harbour: Open to the Future of Energy