Company Profile

Company Profile

Van Oord

Can you describe Van Oord's involvement with the project?

In August 2020, Van Oord was contracted to remove the remaining rock below the water in the Bay to form the entrance channel. Van Oord will also complete the revetment work on the open quays (Balmoral and a section of Castlegate), ahead of placing the beams for the suspended deck. 


What kind of work is Van Oord doing on site at the moment?

The work is mostly marine-based civil engineering work, supplemented with land-based work to form the upper part of the revetments.


How many people from Van Oord work on site each day?

Van Oord have just over 80 members of staff on the project at the moment, including marine and surveying staff, general operatives, supervisors and management teams.


Can you tell us more about the Goliath?

The Goliath back-hoe dredger is one of the four largest dredgers in the world, and she has worked in ports and offshore locations around the globe. Her rock bucket has a capacity of 25 meters-cubed, and her soft dredge bucket has approximately 40 meters-cubed in capacity. The Goliath consists of a hydraulic grab crane mounted on a pontoon, and the dredged material is discharged to a barge for transport.