Latest Construction Activity

This week, more core material and rock armour will be placed on the North and West Quays, and preparation work will be carried out on the material which will become the foundations of the Crown Wall. Infill material will also be placed in the closed sections of the North Quay. In accordance with the Government restrictions, only essential personnel will be on site this week, following all hygiene and social distancing measures. 

It's the final sprint...

Noise Levels During Construction

Since the start of construction, we have worked with Aberdeen City Council and specialist noise consultants to ensure noise levels are within the set agreed limits, and to accurately record and report the data gathered. We have several noise monitors set up around the site, and the data from these allows us to understand when and why rare exceedances have occurred. All of our contractors on site endeavour to minimise the extent and duration of noise disturbances, particularly during night-tidal operations. We will make every effort to inform local communities when we are aware of particular operations which may potentially incur louder-than-normal noise levels.

The North Breakwater and East Quay with its winter protection, preventing infill material from being washed away in winter weather. 

“Aberdeen South Harbour is central to our ambition to help create a significant Energy Transition Cluster and a unique Energy Transition Zone, providing the infrastructure, marine and onshore support services that will transform north east of Scotland into a globally integrated energy cluster.”

Fast Fact

Our deep-water quays measure up to 1,400m long in total

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