Latest Construction Activity

Current activity on the North Quay involves the placement of core material and rock armour on the open sections of the Quay, and the placement of infill material behind the caissons (fixed section). The new batching plant on the North East corner of the site is undergoing contrete trials before the production of concrete for the Crown Wall. Caisson reinforcement work is being carried out on the 14 caissons already in place on the North and East Quays. Work will continue on site in accordance with all Government guidelines and enhanced safety and hygiene measures. 

Story of an accropode

While they may look like something out of your favourite sci-fi film, our 9,000 concrete accropodes are essential to the design of South Harbour, and have a vital role in ensuring safe operations inside the port. Our AHEP Project Director, Keith Young, explains why their specific design and placement on the breakwaters is so important...

Latest images from site

“South Harbour will be an essential and practical demonstration of support for the decommissioning sector and the developing local supply chain. The increase in local capacity and capability will create new and much welcomed opportunities."
Will Rowley, Interim Managing Director, Decom North Sea

Fast Fact

Our deep-water quays measure up to 1,400m long in total

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