Latest Construction Activity

This week, the rock vessel 'Liamare' will deliver more rock armour from Norway for the revetment work on the Balmoral Quay (west) and Castlegate Quay (north).  The Goliath Backhoe Dredger will focus its rock removal work on the entrance channel, ensuring it is the required depth for larger vessels. Work will continue on the construction of the North Breakwater for winter protection, and caisson infilling work will also be undertaken along the Dunnottar Quay (west). Preparation work will continue for the Crown Wall, which will run along the North Breakwater to ensure vessels are protected from a 1-in-200 year storm. Health and safety walkabouts will take place throughout the week with the site team, and a dedicated environmental meeting involving Aberdeen Harbour and site contractors will be held this week. 

Image of the Week

This photo of the Dunnottar Quay and the North Breakwater was taken from the Liamare, which had just delivered approximately 5,500-tonnes of rock for the ongoing revetment work. The rock, which is Igneous Anorthosite rock, was shipped from the Rekefjord Quarry in Southern Norway, and is being used for its dense and highly durable properties which make it ideal for rock armour. Throughout the construction project, our Geo Environmental Project Manager has made several trips to the Quarry to quality control the material. More shipments are expected before Christmas - watch this space! Huge thanks to our pilot Ralph for the photo. 

Protecting the Environment: Marine Mammal Observers

Many people will be familiar with the dolphins, porpoises and seals that can often be seen around the Harbour.  We have 15 specially-trained Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) who work to prevent harm to marine mammals.  Working from vessels and on land, they will inspect the area before certain construction activities take place, and will pause construction if a marine mammal could be threatened.  The MMOs keep stringent logs which record sightings of marine mammals.

"When the £350 million South Harbour investment comes to fruition, it will provide the facilities to help power the region’s economic ambitions for decades to come."

Fast Fact

Our deep-water quays measure up to 1,400m long in total