Our Services

Our modern, multi-use port serves a wide variety of industries. Our world-class facilities, outstanding health and safety record, extensive and specialist supply chain, and our strategic location make us the port-of-choice for your business.

When customers use our services we work with them to provide innovative solutions that fit their needs. By constantly evolving to support new industries and the needs of our customers, Aberdeen Harbour has been a key economic driver for the Scottish Economy for almost nine centuries.

This is also a unique moment in time for the port and our customers, as the next chapter in our history unfolds. The footprint of the £350 million South Harbour expansion is emerging from the sea as construction continues. South Harbour will make Aberdeen the biggest berthage port in Scotland and will revolutionise the nation's marine support capacity. It will also be a home to the UK's Energy Transition Centre of Excellence, helping to lead the way in the transition from carbon to renewable sources of energy for the future.