All caissons in place for Castlegate Quay

The thirteenth caisson arrived this week, completing the fixed-quay section of Castlegate Quay.

All of the caissons are now in place for the north-facing Castlegate Quay, at our South Harbour construction site. 

The thirteenth caisson arrived only days after the twelfth, and provides incredible strength - up to 15 tonnes per square meter. 

Michelle Handforth, Chief Executive of Aberdeen Harbour Board, said: "Our significantly larger quaysides with heavy-lift capacities, operational capabilities and expansive international connections will ensure Aberdeen Harbour is a major player in the maritime economies of Scotland and the rest of the UK, bringing new possibilities to Aberdeen and the surrounding region."

As on the Dunnottar Quay, the caissons will be back-filled to create the large quaysides areas.