Aberdeen Community

We have a vested, proactive interest in our local communities. We have supported more than 200,000 children and adults in the North East of Scotland, by donating £600,000 to nearly 50 community groups and organisations.


Our 2021 community action programme supports charities or community groups local to the Harbour with financial provision, volunteer, resource and equipment donations and a unique marketing package.

Applications for the second phase of supPORT-all are now closed. Please visit this page towards the end of 2021 for more information about our 2022 community action programme.

As a Trust Port, we have a strong ethos of communicating and interacting with our stakeholders.  We believe that this includes anyone who has an interest in the Harbour, including port users, local residents, local communities, environmental groups, local authorities, and local and national politicians.  By working together, the Board and stakeholders can deliver a vibrant, prosperous port which will provide a bright and secure future for future generations. 

See Our Funding in Action

This video was made pre-pandemic. Big Noise Torry continues to work with the children and young people within the prevailing Covid-19 guidelines.