Latest Construction Activity

This week, more core material and rock armour will be placed on the North and West Quays, and preparation work will be carried out on the material which will become the foundations of the Crown Wall. Infill material will also be placed in the closed sections of the North Quay. In accordance with the Government restrictions, only essential personnel will be on site this week, following all hygiene and social distancing measures. 

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It's the final sprint...

Water supply work to South Harbour site

Approximately 3km of new water mains will be installed by Nicol of Skene, connecting the expansion project to the existing Scottish Water supply network to Torry Quay. The installation course will start on Wellington Road, and run along Girdleness Road, and through St Fittick's Park in Torry. The route will then diverge south onto St Fittick's Road, continuing onto the expansion project, and north onto Greyhope Road and Sinclair Road, terminating at Torry Quay. Nicol of Skene will also construct a shared cycle path and footpath which will leave from the expansion site, run through St Fittick's Park Road, and finish at North Balnagask Road. 

This work is due to start in mid-April 2021, and will continue throughout the year. Please check back on the South Harbour Notebook for more information about this installation of the water supply. 

“South Harbour will be an essential and practical demonstration of support for the decommissioning sector and the developing local supply chain. The increase in local capacity and capability will create new and much welcomed opportunities."
Will Rowley, Interim Managing Director, Decom North Sea

Fast Fact

Our deep-water quays measure up to 1,400m long in total

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