• Safety & Environment

    Protecting People and the Environment

    Managing Health, Safety and Environmental risks in the port
    requires robust systems that address the Harbour Board’s own responsibilities as well as facilitating effective HSE management amongst port users.

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  • Aberdeen Port Safety Group

    Most of the diverse activities that take place in the port are carried out by port users. So many diverse organisations working in such close proximity brings unique challenges to the management of Health, Safety and the Environment.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour PMSC Compliance Plan 2018-2020

  • Port Access Policy and Procedure

    In August 2019, Aberdeen Harbour Board released a new Port Access Policy and Procedure, to be followed by everyone entering the port.  Please ensure you have read these documents before arriving at Aberdeen Harbour.

    Port Access Policy

    Port Access Procedure

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  • Aberdeen Harbour is a European EcoPort

  • New safety standard achieved

    17th June 2019

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  • ISO 14001 OHSAS 45001 Certification

    ISO 14001 OHSAS 45001 Certification

  • 2020 Port Safety Group Meetings

    13th February 2018

    In 2020, the Aberdeen Harbour Port Safety Group will meet at 2pm on the following dates: 

    Thursday 2nd April

    Thursday 4th June

    Thursday 3rd September 

    Thursday 3rd December 

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  • Defibrillator location plan

    AED location plan for Aberdeen Harbour estate

  • Aberdeen Harbour Handbook

    Aberdeen Harbour Handbook

    This handbook provides guidance on health and safety for working on common user berths within the Aberdeen Harbour estate

  • Quay Loading Matrix

    Quay Loading Matrix

    Permissible crane loadings as advised by Aberdeen Harbour Board.

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Policy 2019

  • Marine Safety Reports 2015

  • From the mountains to the sea

    From its source in the Cairngorms, to the sea at Aberdeen Harbour, and all the rivers, lochs and streams in between, the River Dee is a rich ecosystem.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour’s Dolphin Code

    16th March 2015

    Aberdeen Harbour has a Code of Practice, designed by a joint taskforce of experts, with the aim of protecting Bottlenose dolphins near Aberdeen’s harbour mouth, and provide guidance to vessels operating in the port.

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  • Marine Safety Reports 2013

  • Aberdeen Harbour Code of Safe Practice

  • Port Skills & Safety 2012 Marine Accident Study