• Vessel Traffic Services

    All shipping movements within the Aberdeen VTS area (within a 2 mile radius of the head of the North Pier) are controlled by Aberdeen VTS. 

    Aberdeen VTS provide the following services

    • Traffic Organisation Services
    • Information Service.

    Call: Aberdeen VTS
    VHF Frequency Ch 12; 16
    Telephone +44(0)1224 597000
    Fax+44(0)124 597007
    Email vts@aberdeen-harbour.co.uk

    Participation with VTS is mandatory, for further details see ALRS Vol.6

  • Pilotage

    Aberdeen is a compulsory pilotage district for vessels of 60 metres and over in length. However, for vessels with an operational bow thruster this limit is increased to 75 metres.

    Vessels requiring a pilot should give at least one hour's notice to Aberdeen VTS. Pilots normally board vessels in the vicinity of the Fairway Buoy. The pilot vessels are fitted with VHF Radio and have a black hull with white cabin and the word "PILOT" displayed on the cabin.

  • Pilot Exemption check trip form

  • Pilot Exemption information

  • Aberdeen Harbour Handbook

     Aberdeen Harbour Handbook

    This handbook provides guidance on health and safety for working on common user berths within the Aberdeen Harbour estate

  • MIN 540 (CERS): Revised reporting processes and introduction to CERS Workbook.

    MCA Information Notice 540 CERS workbook

  • Cargo Cranes

    Two rail mounted electric portal cranes located at Atlantic/Pacific Wharves each offering a capacity of up to 8 tonnes (grab) at 25 metres and up to 20 tonnes (hook) at 12 metres. Grabs of various types can be provided.
    Cranes up to 1,000 tonne capacity are available from local crane hire companies. 

  • RO-RO Berths

    Jamiesons Quay Terminal – exclusive use for Northern Isles Passenger Ferry service
    Matthews Quay Terminal – common user RO-RO berth 
    Commercial Quay Eurolink Berth

  • Deep-Water Berths

    Atlantic and Pacific Quay
    Combined length of 350m at 9.0m DDL 
    Open quay, two 20-tonne capacity electric portal/grabbing cranes. Transit shed and heavy lift area.

    Commercial Quay East
    180m at 7.5m DDL provides open quay area for general cargo. Also provides additional Ro-Ro capability
    Regent Quay East
    255m long with 9.9m of water MLWS and 13.6m at MHWS. Two transit sheds.
    Telford Dock
    Combined length of 520m of berthing with 9.0m 
    Maximum LOA 165m

    Matthews Quay
    Combined length of 236 m long with 9.0m DDL
    Over 7,000 sq m of cargo handling area + heavy lift areas. Two lane ro-ro ramp - 8m minimum width. 1,650 sq m transit shed.

  • Ship Repair

    A privately operated dry dock 113m x 21m is available.

  • Dock Railways

    The Waterloo Multi Modal Terminal at the rear of Waterloo Quay is connected to the main rail network.

  • Transit Sheds

    Regent Quay:  Nos. 1 & 2 - 2,040m2. 
    Blaikies Quay; Nos 4 & 6 - 2,500m2 
    Pacific Wharf : No. 5 - 2,200m2 
    Clipper Quay (Nos. 8 & 9) 4,700m2

  • Tides

    Range of tides at spring tides 3.7m (mean) 
    Range of tides at neap tides 1.8m (mean) 

  • Victoria Dock Entrance

    Depth at MHWS 10.30m. Clear width at entrance 42.78m.

  • Port Capacity

    Longest vessel 166.15m (BBC Winter)
    Widest vessel 31.2m (Skandi Arctic)
    Deepest vessel 9.14m 
    Largest vessel (in tonnage) 18,640 (Skandi Arctic)

  • Navigation Channel

    Maximum designed width – 70.0m. Maximum designed depth at MHWS - 10.30m.

    VTS and traffic signals regulate the movement of vessels in the Navigation Channel.

  • Towage

    A licensed towage company provides a towage service in Aberdeen Harbour. Masters should contact their agent for more information.

  • Moorage

    Licensed boatmen provide a mooring service in Aberdeen Harbour.  The boatage services available are dependent upon the berth.  Masters may contact VTS for more information.