• 39 Shipping Connections 2015

    Angola  Australia  Belgium  Cameroon Canada  China  Congo (Democratic Republic)  Cyprus  Denmark  Egypt Equatorial Guinea  Falkland Islands Finland  France  Gabon  Georgia
    Germany  Ghana  Greece  Iceland Indonesia  Irish Republic  Ivory Coast Libya  Mauritania  Mexico  Morocco Nigeria  Norway  Portugal  Romania Russia  Senegal  Singapore  Spain Sweden  The Netherlands  Trinidad  USA

  • 2015: Steady Operations

    Despite the backdrop of a lower oil price, activity in the harbour remained relatively stable in 2015.

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  • Record Number of Cruise Ship Calls for Aberdeen

    30th March 2016

    Aberdeen Harbour is expecting a record number of cruise ships calls this summer.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour Decommissioning Services

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  • A Home to Oil & Gas

    2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the first oil company, Shell UK Exploration, contracting the services of Aberdeen Harbour, and few people would have been able to predict, as they visited the harbour at that time to marvel at the “strange looking vessels with their drilling derricks and helicopter platforms” that the port would be transformed over the next fifty years as a result of these humble beginnings.

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  • Life on the ocean waves

    Aberdeen Harbour had direct trading links with 41 countries in 2014, this means that more than 100,000 vessel crew members visit the port each year. We were keen to gain insight into what life is like to work on one of these routes so we joined up with the crew of the UAL Bodewes.

    Here is their story.....

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