17th June 2019

New safety standard achieved

Aberdeen Harbour Board has achieved accreditation of a robust new international occupational health and safety standard for activities within the port.

Reaffirming its ongoing commitment to continually improving health and safety performance, the port has been awarded with the international ISO 45001-2018 standard following a rigorous auditing and inspection processes.  The port also recently announced a 50% reduction rate in reportable incidents in 2018.

Michelle Handforth, Chief Executive of Aberdeen Harbour, said: “Reaching this international benchmark for occupational health and safety is a huge achievement for Aberdeen Harbour, and bolsters our resolve to be one the of the safest ports in the UK.  I would like to recognise the efforts of the Harbour’s Compliance Department, who worked with our 98 employees to ensure we have all the required processes, considerations and controls in place.

“We are very proud of our further reduction in safety incidents over the last 12 months, and I would like to thank all of our port users for their diligent work in this respect.  Our Port Safety Group involves representatives from 30 different port-related businesses, and as we look to the opening of South Harbour in 2020, we will ensure this Group’s agenda stays relevant to the many health and safety issues facing ports around the country.

“Our lifeblood is our customer base, whilst our employees remain at the heart of our organisation.  Therefore, it is vital that we continually set our sights on improved health and safety practices and mitigate issues for the benefit of our employees, port users, and the wider UK port industry.”