11th February 2019

Rowing Crew Rescued by Aberdeen Harbour Pilot Boat

Aberdeen's Harbour Master, Captain Jeff Gaskin, has congratulated the Port's Pilot Boat Crew and Duty Pilot, who were first on the scene and rescued five rowers from their capsized vessel on Saturday afternoon in the River Dee.

"I am delighted that the training and professionalism of the staff, who effected the rescue on Saturday, is there for all to see", explained Captain Gaskin. "The crew were able to bring onto the pilot  boat all of the capsized rowers, who had been sitting on their upturned boat, after it capsized at Victoria Bridge. My thanks to the supply vessels berthed in the vicinity who alerted our Vessel Traffic Sevices to the incident, and allowed us to effect a rapid and safe rescue. Those rescued were landed at the Harbour's Dock Gate Pontoon, where the emergency services were in attendance. Well done to all the Harbour staff involved".