28th January 2019

Harbour Welcomes Princes Trust Placement

Aberdeen Harbour is pleased to welcome Siobhan Coates for a two-week placement with youth charity, The Princes Trust.

Siobhan, who is keen to pursue a career in the Navy, has been working with the Harbour’s Vessel Traffic Service team and pilots.  She has also been taking pictures of her activities for the Harbour's popular Instagram account.

“My parents and grandfather were in the armed forces, so it’s been a big inspiration for me wanting to go into the Navy,” said Siobhan.

“My work experience at the Harbour has been great.  I have learned a lot about how Harbours operate and how they work alongside vessels which are arriving and departing from the Harbour.  I’ve really enjoyed being on the pilot boats and seeing the pilot operations – they have been really interesting.

“I’ve been part of the Aberdeen Sea Cadets since 2014, which has been a great training ground for a maritime career.  We learn a lot about boating – like tying knots, navigation and sailing in tricky weather – as well as being part of parades and competitions.  These two weeks at the Harbour have definitely shown me more about what a maritime career will look like, and I’m really looking forward to pursuing mine.”

Alex McIntosh, Marine Manager at Aberdeen Harbour Board added: “It’s been fantastic to have Siobhan join the Harbour for her work experience.  The maritime industry can provide interesting and fulfilling careers for young people across a broad set of disciplines, and we are pleased to see that young people in Aberdeen and the Shire recognise this.”