21st May 2019

Giant Fuel Tank Arrives into Harbour

Aberdeen Harbour recently welcomed the arrival of a new marine gasoil fuel tank to the Torry Marine Base. 

Giant Fuel Tank Arrives into Harbour

The £3 million investment from logistics firm Peterson cements their commitment to the Harbour as the long-term supply hub for the North Sea. 

The tank, which can hold 4,000 cubic meters of fuel, means operators have improved access to fuel, to streamline their vessel turnaround times. 

Matt North, Commercial Director of Aberdeen Harbour Board, said: "The arrival of the second and largest MGO storage tank at the Torry Marine Base is a significant milestone for the project, which has been many months in the making between our marine and engineering teams.

“We welcome the substantial, long-term investment made by Petersons within the Harbour: the new infrastructure increases direct connection services across the operational berths at the Torry Marine Base, providing more efficiencies for our port users .”

Chris Coull, Regional Director, Peterson said: “We are pleased to be able to bring this new tank, which brings us closer to our ambition of providing reliable high-quality fuel supply to every berth we operate, to our customers around Aberdeen.

“We see Aberdeen Harbour as the long term supply hub for the North Sea and view this as a valuable investment to support the required efficiencies of the modern energy industry."