12th April 2016

Dolphinwatch is Launched for Summer 2016

Dolphin watch has returned for a third summer and organisers are hoping for another bumper year.

Over 5,000 people visited RSPB Dolphinwatch last year, and Aberdeen is fast becoming a must-visit destination for dolphin enthusiasts. People from all over the world, including Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico the US, Canada, Malaysia and, of course, the UK, were drawn to the Torry Battery in 2015 - and, on the whole, they weren't disappointed. Last year, bottlenose dolphins were spotted on 95% of the days the team were onsite, sometimes in groups of up to 20 at one time.

Indeed, representatives of the partners of RSPB Dolphinwatch's attending the launch of this year's project were treated to a spectacular display by the dolphins, with up to a dozen of the creatures bow-riding vessels and breaching in great style. Partners of RSPB Scotland Dolphinwatch include Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen Harbour Board, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and VisitAberdeenshire

RSPB's Dolphinwatch team will be on hand at Torry Battery from 11am-6pm on Thursday to Sunday every week from now until 14 August. They will be equipped with binoculars and telescopes provided by Viking Optical, and plenty of expertise to help visitors get the best experience possible.

Dolphinwatch is Launched for Summer 2016