Lighting the way with LED Light Initiative

Aberdeen Harbour is replacing 500 lights across the port with greener alternatives, reducing energy consumption for lighting by 50%.

Aberdeen Harbour is continuing with its transformation into a world-leading port for the future with a £300,000 investment to replace more than 500 lights across its estate to more sustainable alternatives.

Lighting is the single largest consumer of electricity for the harbour and following a survey, it was concluded that the vast majority of its street and floodlights were inefficient sodium discharge or metal halide fittings. Only 5% of lights were estimated to be modern and energy-efficient LEDs.

£300,000 has since been invested in changing over 500 lights to LEDs and the first delivery has arrived at the port for installation. With the reduction in energy consumption and longer lifespan of LEDs, it is expected that Aberdeen Harbour will reduce its energy costs by 50% annually and significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Michelle Handforth, chief executive of Aberdeen Harbour Board, said: “We’re one of only two certified EcoPorts in Scotland and we’re committed to not only introducing greener initiatives and lowering our footprint but we also want to provide a centre for ideas that put Aberdeen on the map as the home of the energy transition.

“Our switch to LED will reduce our energy consumption for lighting by over 50%, reduce risk to our staff and operators, as lighting heads won’t need to be replaced as often, and our quaysides will exceed the current lighting standards for the industry making operations even safer.”

Aberdeen Harbour is aiming to upcycle as many of the older lights as technically possible, and customers on private quayside bases will also be encouraged to switch to LED lighting too, to further a reduction in energy consumption and costs.