• Stakeholder Engagement

    Fundamental to the role of a Trust Port is engagement with its stakeholders.

    Aberdeen Harbour takes advantage of many forms of communication to ensure its relationship with stakeholders is a productive and proactive one.

    These include:

    • Annual Public Meeting (May)
    • Stakeholder Christmas Lunch (December)
    • Annual Review (Published in May)
    • Website News & Community Pages
    • News Articles in Local and National Media
    • Industry Publications
    • Community Publications
    • Attending Community Council Meetings
  • All Profit Reinvested

    All “profit” or surpluses made from trust port operations are reinvested into the operation, maintenance and administraion of the port.

  • Trust Port’s Stakeholders

    A trust port's stakeholders constitute a wide audience, including local residents; communities; port users (including ferry passengers); customers; Local and national government representatives; Business communities; statutory authorities; Local interest groups and environmental bodies.