• The Story of Aberdeen’s Harbour

    First established as a business in 1136 by King David 1st of Scotland, Aberdeen Harbour is, according to the Guinness Book of Business Records, the oldest existing business in Britain, with a history that has spanned almost 900 years. It is only when we map this history against the development of Aberdeen itself into a busy and vibrant city, and against a backdrop of important world events, that we can truly appreciate the port’s incredible story, and its transformation in to a modern, state-of-the-art facility.

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  • How the Harbour has Shaped Aberdeen

    The harbour has played an intrinsic role in the commercial success of the city that grew up around it over the past 881 years.

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  • Trawlers at Albert Quay/Point Law – circa 1950

  • Houdini emerges from the depths of Aberdeen Harbour

    Thousands of people gathered at the Harbour on July 1, 1909 to witness the world-famous magician and escapologist Harry Houdini dive into the chilly water whilst chained and handcuffed.

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  • Steam tugs at Victoria Dock Entrance – circa 1910

  • The Great Clipper Race

    One of the most famous ships built in Aberdeen Harbour was the Thermopylae.

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  • Loading trials of Harbour Ferry No 1 – circa 1901

  • Aberdeen Harbour Office and Upper Dock – circa 1930

  • Testing of 100 ton shear poles at Victoria Dock Entrance – circa 1910

  • Operators of Pontoon Dock No 2 – circa 1910

  • Harbour’s Leading Lights Receive Listed Status

    26th September 2019

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  • City’s archives team to navigate Aberdeen Harbour Board Collection

    26th June 2019

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  • “William” of Aberdeen was first Scottish ship to sail to North America

    07th January 2019

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  • Robert Stevenson

    Alistair Mackenzie talks about the designer of the Girdleness Lighthouse, the now-celebrated Robert Stevenson.

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  • Construction of the Girdleness Lighthouse

    The Girdleness lighthouse was of a state-of-the-art, ground-breaking design.

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  • The Oscar Tragedy

    The loss of the whaleship ‘Oscar’ became a story handed down through the years. 

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  • Loss of the Whaling ship ‘Oscar’

    On 1st April 1813, events unfolded that had a dramatic impact on the whole community.

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  • A Home to Oil & Gas

    2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the first oil company, Shell UK Exploration, contracting the services of Aberdeen Harbour, and few people would have been able to predict, as they visited the harbour at that time to marvel at the “strange looking vessels with their drilling derricks and helicopter platforms” that the port would be transformed over the next fifty years as a result of these humble beginnings.

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