• Here are the charities and Projects that Aberdeen Harbour Board are currently sponsoring:

  • Big Noise Torry (Sistema Scotland)

    Principle Charity

    This Charity set up in the belief that children can gain huge social benefits by playing in a symphony orchestra. They use music making to foster confidence, teamwork, pride and aspiration in the children taking part – and across their wider community. Our sponsorship will help support employment of the highly- trained musicians who make this project possible.

  • Archie Foundation

    Sponsorship contributed to refurbishmentof a hospital room each year, for three years.

  • Shopmobility

    Core Funding

  • Instant Neighbour

    Provide goods and services to those in deprived areas, including furniture, storage for those who have been evicted, food parcels and child safety items.

  • Denis Law Legacy Trust Streetsport

    Provides diversionary sport and recreational activities to divert young people from anti-social behaviour
    and crime.

  • Seaton Taking Action for Regeneration (STAR)

    Small Community flat located in Seaton. Amongst other activities, provides weekly cookery and sewing classes as part of a life skills programme.

  • North East of Scotland Credit Union (Torry)

    Not-for-profit organisation providing savings and affordable loans to individuals and charities. By borrowing and lending within their common bond, they keep the money raised from interest within the local community.

  • Me Too! Magazine

    Publish a quarterly magazine that provides information to families that
    have children with additional support needs, including benefits advice, accessibility advice or information on entertainment/activities that are
    available for special needs children.

  • Aberdeen FC Community Trust

    Promotes health and wellbeing through football, sport and community-based activities with both young and old. Activities include morning football sessions for children, disability football, over 65’s football, dementia-friendly activity programmes and drugs
    action support.

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  • Altens & Cove Community Centre Play Park

    Altens & Cove Community Centre Play Park. Opened in June 2015, with support from the Aberdeen Harbour Community Action Fund.

  • Dee Catchment Partnership

    Creation of 3D model of River Dee and surrounding area for use in communicating information on natural flood management techniques

  • Friends of Seaton Park

    Public Park Facility Improvements

  • Old Torry Community Centre

    • Armchair Exercise Class
    • Pre-school summer play scheme
  • Inchgarth Community Centre

    Sponsored IT classes for pensioners and activities for pre-school children.

  • Grampian Autistic Society

    Sponsorship of Employment Support Services.

  • RSPB

    Partial sponsorship of Dolphinwatch & Dolphin Education Programme.

  • Sport Aberdeen

    Sponsored recruitment of Community Walking Group Co-ordinator.

  • CLAN

    Sponsored additional bed nights available at Clan Haven.

  • Seafarers Centre

    Partial sponsorship of Centre’s core funding. Seafarers’ Centre provides welfare services, practical advice, care and friendship to seafarers visiting Aberdeen Harbour.

  • Community Food Initiatives North East

    Partially sponsored Fareshare.

    Which involves taking food which would be discarded by supermarkets and supplying food banks.