• Further geological investigation work to start soon as part of feasibility study

    Aberdeen Harbour Board is anticipating the arrival the Fugro Seacore jack up rig, Aran 120 into Nigg Bay,  as part of the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Programme feasibility study. It will carry out further marine bore holes, designed to provide additional information on the geological make-up of the area. 

    "The data,  provided by the Aran 120 will be invaluable in refining our harbour design and business case. The more information we have about the geological characteristic of the area, the greater accuracy we can apply to our potential dredging, breakwater and quayside design and construction," explained Keith Young, engineering director at Aberdeen Harbour.

    The Aran 120 is likely to be operating in the Bay from end of September for approximately three months.

  • Aberdeen Harbour

    Aberdeen Harbour is one of the UK’s busiest ports. A world leading marine support centre, it is the principal port for the energy sector in Western Europe and serves a number of industries as the main commercial port in the North-East of Scotland.

    With trading links to more than 40 countries worldwide, Aberdeen Harbour generates in excess of £1.5billion GVA annually.

    As a Trust Port, it invests all profits into further development, amounting to more than £35million in the last five years.

  • Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project Video

  • News: Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Programme Pre-Application Information Available

    18th September 2015

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour seeking Non-Executive Board Members

    07th September 2015

    Aberdeen Harbour is seeking applications to fill three non-executive vacancies on the Board.

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  • News: Techfest’s ‘Build a Boat’ Workshop a Big Hit

    21st September 2015

    Youngsters attending this year’s TechFest Science festival have been given the opportunity to build their own boat, thanks to a new partnership with the charity and Aberdeen Harbour Board.

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  • News: Harbour Board Publication is Honoured

    07th August 2015

    Aberdeen Harbour Board Publication wins Hermes Award

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  • Aberdeen Harbour Decommissioning Services

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  • Our Board

    Aberdeen Harbour Board is an independent statutory authority formed under the terms of the Aberdeen Harbour Order Confirmation Act 1960. It is responsible for the administration, maintenance and improvement of the port.

  • News: Kincorth Skate Park Goes Live

    14th August 2015

    Kincoth Skate Park Opens it Doors to the Public

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  • Careers

    With around 90 employees, the Harbour Board's staff are at the core of the operational and administrative systems which ensure the busy international port performs efficiently and safely around-the-clock in servicing a broad range of industries.

    Profitably handling record levels of activity takes a wide variety of skills and experience in a challenging work environment.  The Board's major investment in the future includes staff as well as facilities and we are committed to providing ongoing training as part of career development.  With security of employment and competitive packages, many of our employees are long serving.

    An established Lifestyle programme encourages healthy living and safe working by the staff, and the Board gives health and safety a high priority in all aspects of port operations.  At Aberdeen Harbour Board, you'll be a member of a team continuing the evolution of a port with a future.

  • 41 Shipping Connections 2014

    Angola  Australia  Belgium  Brazil  Cameroon  Canada  China  Congo (Democratic Republic)  Cyprus  Denmark  Egypt  Equatorial Guinea  Falkland Islands  Faroe Islands  France  Gabon  Georgia  Germany  Ghana  Greece  Iceland  India  Ivory Coast  South Korea  Malta  Mauritania  Mexico  Morocco  Nigeria  Norway  Portugal  Romania  Russia  Senegal  Singapore  Spain  Sweden  The Netherlands  Tunisia  USA  Venezuela

  • The Story of Aberdeen’s Harbour

    First established as a business in 1136 by King David 1st of Scotland, Aberdeen Harbour is, according to the Guinness Book of Business Records, the oldest existing business in Britain, with a history that has spanned almost 900 years. It is only when we map this history against the development of Aberdeen itself into a busy and vibrant city, and against a backdrop of important world events, that we can truly appreciate the port’s incredible story, and its transformation in to a modern, state-of-the-art facility.

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