• News: Record Breaking Ship arrives in Aberdeen Harbour

    15th June 2018

    Kingfisher largest vessel to ever berth in Aberdeen Harbour

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour Board Profits Boosted by Sale of Land

    13th June 2018

    Annual Review Highlights Land Sale

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  • ‘CruiseAberdeenshire’ Comes to Life

    Aberdeen Harbour Board and VisitAberdeenshire show how the new Aberdeen South Harbour will open the City and Shire to the Cruise Industry.

  • News: Royal approval for new quays at Aberdeen South Harbour

    07th June 2018

    South Harbour Quays Named

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  • News: Silver Cloud berths in Silver City

    Silver Cloud berths in Silver City

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  • News: 2018 cruise season opens with arrival of Corinthian

    Arrival of first cruise ship signals the start of the summer tourist season in region

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  • News: First accropodes produced at new Aberdeen South Harbour facility

    First accropodes produced at new Aberdeen South Harbour facility

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  • News: Vattenfall pontoon unveiled in Aberdeen Harbour

    Vattenfall pontoon unveiled in Aberdeen Harbour

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  • News: Get Ready for Cruise

    Cruise-Ready Business Opportunities Guide available.

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  • News: First Caisson Construction

    Caisson Construction Marks New Phase for Construction Project.

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  • News: Project Newsletter Available

    05th April 2018

    Latest South Harbour Project Newsletter now available.

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  • News: 2018 Port Safety Group Meetings

    The Aberdeen Harbour Port Safety Group will now meet at the Marine Operations Centre, North Pier, AB11 5HB on the following dates :

    Thursday, 29th March 2018

    Tuesday, 05th June 2018

    Thursday, 20th September 2018

    Thursday, 20th December 2018

    Meetings will commence 14:00.

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour Board Welcomes new Chief Executive

    05th February 2018

    Michelle Handforth takes up role of Chief Executive.

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  • New Harbour Chief Executive shares her thoughts on joining Aberdeen Harbour Board

  • News: Aberdeen Harbour welcomes John to the Board

    John Brebner joins Aberdeen Harbour Board as Non-executive Director

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  • News: 2018 Harbour Rates & Charges

    17th December 2015

    Aberdeen Harbour Rates & Charges for 2018 are now available online.

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  • News: Scottish Energy Ports Capability Directory Launched

    21st November 2017

    A new dynamic Scottish ports directory, aimed at the energy industry has been launched.

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  • News: Visit by UK Ports’ Engineers

    14th November 2017

    Port engineers gather for £350m harbour construction

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  • News: Edda Freya Comes to Town

    26th October 2017

    DeepOcean's imposing Edda Freya pays first visit to Aberdeen Harbour.

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  • News: Accropode Production Facility Takes Shape

    09th October 2017

    Construction of temporary building for accropode production underway.

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  • News: Expansion Project sees Dredging Phase Commence

    05th September 2017

    Construction Project milestone achieved as Dredging work commences.

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour’s Dolphin Code

    Aberdeen Harbour has a Code of Practice, designed by a joint taskforce of experts, with the aim of protecting Bottlenose dolphins near Aberdeen’s harbour mouth, and provide guidance to vessels operating in the port.

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour supports Maersk Oil decommissioning campaign

    16th August 2017

    100-tonne midwater arches handled at the port

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  • News: Expansion Project Website Launched by Dragados

    03rd August 2017

    Principal Contractor for Harbour Expansion Launch Project Website

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  • News: Hyperbaric Chamber Makes History

    03rd August 2017

    History Made as 420 tonne Load Crosses Historic Bridge

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  • News: First Minister and Scottish Enterprise on board with Aberdeen Harbour

    17th July 2017

    Aberdeen Harbour expansion

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  • New video showcases Aberdeen Harbour expansion

    The £350 million expansion of Aberdeen Harbour will open significant opportunities for the city as well as the wider economy, from up-scaled decommissioning activity and being able to accommodate larger commercial vessels, to an increased share of the available cruise vessel fleet. 

    This new video highlights features of the new state-of-the-art facilities, which are due to be completed in 2020.

  • News: Project Newsletter Launched

    22nd June 2017

    Dragados Launch Project Newsletter

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  • Key Construction Milestones

    Dragados provide a summary of the key South Harbour Construction Milestones.

  • Decommissioning at Aberdeen Harbour

    Many regard the decommissioning of North Sea assets as a brand new activity stream, yet Aberdeen Harbour has treated it as a core activity for several years now.

  • News: Harbour Chief Executive Announces Retirement Plans

    Colin Parker announces plans to retire later in year.

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  • Our Board

    Aberdeen Harbour Board is an independent statutory authority formed under the terms of the Aberdeen Harbour Order Confirmation Act 1960. It is responsible for the administration, maintenance and improvement of the port.

  • Expansion Project Animation

  • News: Construction Contract Signed for Expansion Project

    20th December 2016

    Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Contract Signed

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project Approval Announced

    19th December 2016

    The Board of Aberdeen Harbour has announced that its plans to expand facilities into Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbour, are to become a reality.

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  • News: City Region Deal Welcomed by Harbour Chief Executive

    21st November 2016

    Aberdeen Harbour Board's Chief Executive has today welcomed the Aberdeen City Region Deal announcement.

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  • News: Aberdeen Expansion Project Awarded Marine Licences

    07th November 2016

    Marine Scotland has announced the award of two marine licences in support of Aberdeen Harbour’s major plans to expand its facilities into Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbour.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour

    Aberdeen Harbour is one of the UK’s busiest ports. A world leading marine support centre, it is the principal port for the energy sector in Western Europe and serves a number of industries as the main commercial port in the North-East of Scotland.

    With trading links to more than 40 countries worldwide, Aberdeen Harbour generates in excess of £1.5billion GVA annually.

    As a Trust Port, it invests all profits into further development, amounting to more than £35million in the last five years.

  • News: Harbour Expansion Project EIA Documents Available

    The Environmental Impact Assessment Documents for the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project are now on public display and available to download.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour Decommissioning Services