• News: Visitors of Note

    23rd June 2017

    Sail power on display...

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  • News: Project Newsletter Launched

    22nd June 2017

    Dragados Launch Project Newsletter

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  • Key Construction Milestones

    Dragados provide a summary of the key South Harbour Construction Milestones.

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  • Decommissioning at Aberdeen Harbour

    Many regard the decommissioning of North Sea assets as a brand new activity stream, yet Aberdeen Harbour has treated it as a core activity for several years now.

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  • News: Safe Pedestrian Walkways Developed

    Aberdeen Harbour have introduced new safe pedestrian walkways throughout the harbour estate for their authorised port users. New walkways are now available for use at Clipper and Halls quays, aimed at ensure port users are protected from vehicular traffic throughout their working day. Aberdeen Harbour are continuing to promote the use of safe pedestrian routes and ask that all harbour users adhere to the walkways where provided.  

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  • News: Harbour Chief Executive Announces Retirement Plans

    Colin Parker announces plans to retire later in year.

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  • News: Mr Therm is Returned to Seaton Park

    Former train back in park after £60,000 refurbishment

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  • Our Board

    Aberdeen Harbour Board is an independent statutory authority formed under the terms of the Aberdeen Harbour Order Confirmation Act 1960. It is responsible for the administration, maintenance and improvement of the port.

  • Expansion Project Animation

  • News: Construction Contract Signed for Expansion Project

    20th December 2016

    Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Contract Signed

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project Approval Announced

    19th December 2016

    The Board of Aberdeen Harbour has announced that its plans to expand facilities into Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbour, are to become a reality.

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  • News: Student Photographers Awarded

    02nd December 2016

    Winners of Aberdeen Harbour's Calendar Photography Competition Recognised 

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  • News: City Region Deal Welcomed by Harbour Chief Executive

    21st November 2016

    Aberdeen Harbour Board's Chief Executive has today welcomed the Aberdeen City Region Deal announcement.

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  • News: Aberdeen Expansion Project Awarded Marine Licences

    07th November 2016

    Marine Scotland has announced the award of two marine licences in support of Aberdeen Harbour’s major plans to expand its facilities into Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbour.

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  • News: Serco Northlink Add Defibrillator to Harbour List

    09th September 2016

    Serco Northlink are supporting the Port Safety Group's Initiative to list location of all harbour defibrillators.

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour Announce Preferred Tenderer

    06th September 2016

    Aberdeen Harbour Board have announced their preferred bidder for the role of principal contractor for their proposed harbour expansion project.

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  • News: Sea Cloud II Birthday Celebrations

    28th July 2016

    Birthday Celebrations for the luxury vessel

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  • News: Annual Review Available

    13th May 2016

    Aberdeen Harbour's Annual Review for 2015-2016 now available to download.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour

    Aberdeen Harbour is one of the UK’s busiest ports. A world leading marine support centre, it is the principal port for the energy sector in Western Europe and serves a number of industries as the main commercial port in the North-East of Scotland.

    With trading links to more than 40 countries worldwide, Aberdeen Harbour generates in excess of £1.5billion GVA annually.

    As a Trust Port, it invests all profits into further development, amounting to more than £35million in the last five years.

  • News: 2017 Port Safety Group Meetings

    20th October 2015

    The Aberdeen Harbour Port Safety Group will now meet at the Marine Operations Centre, North Pier, AB11 5HB on the following dates :

    Thursday, 06th April 2017

    Thursday, 15th June 2017

    Thursday, 28th September 2017

    Thursday, 23rd November 2017

    Meetings will commence 14:00.

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  • News: Harbour Expansion Project EIA Documents Available

    The Environmental Impact Assessment Documents for the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project are now on public display and available to download.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour Decommissioning Services

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