• News: Harbour welcomes new Board members

    18th January 2019

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  • News: Rowing Crew Rescued by Aberdeen Harbour Pilot Boat

    11th February 2019

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  • News: Harbour announces £30,000 fund for local charities

    30th January 2019

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  • News: 2018 figures show Aberdeen Harbour on the rise

    28th January 2019

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  • News: Harbour Welcomes Princes Trust Placement

    28th January 2019

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  • News: New Head of Organisational Development

    22nd January 2019

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  • News: “William” of Aberdeen was first Scottish ship to sail to North America

    07th January 2019

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  • News: NESCol Students Make a Splash in Aberdeen Harbour Competition

    13th December 2018

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  • News: 4,000th accropode for South Harbour

    05th December 2018

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  • Decommissioning at Aberdeen Harbour

    Aberdeen Harbour is a hive of decommissioning activity.  Nearly 10,000 tonnes of material have crossed the quayside, from projects such as the Maersk Leadon and Janice, and Shell’s Brent Alpha projects.

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  • Aberdeen Harbour Decommissioning Services

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  • News: VIDEO: Maersk Supply Service decommissioning work arriving in Aberdeen Harbour

    05th September 2018

    North Sea decommissioning supported by Aberdeen Harbour

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  • New video showcases Aberdeen Harbour expansion

    The £350 million expansion of Aberdeen Harbour will open significant opportunities for the city as well as the wider economy, from up-scaled decommissioning activity and being able to accommodate larger commercial vessels, to an increased share of the available cruise vessel fleet. 

    This new video highlights features of the new state-of-the-art facilities, which are due to be completed in 2020.

  • News: Get Ready for Cruise

    Cruise-Ready Business Opportunities Guide available.

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  • ‘CruiseAberdeenshire’ Comes to Life

    Aberdeen Harbour Board and VisitAberdeenshire show how the new Aberdeen South Harbour will open the City and Shire to the Cruise Industry.

  • News: 2019 Port Safety Group Meetings

    In 2019, the Aberdeen Harbour Port Safety Group will meet at the Marine Operations Centre at 2pm on the following dates: 

    Thursday 7th March

    Thursday 6th June

    Thursday 5th September

    Thursday 5th December

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  • News: Aberdeen Harbour’s Dolphin Code

    Aberdeen Harbour has a Code of Practice, designed by a joint taskforce of experts, with the aim of protecting Bottlenose dolphins near Aberdeen’s harbour mouth, and provide guidance to vessels operating in the port.

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  • Key Construction Milestones

    Dragados provide a summary of the key South Harbour Construction Milestones.

  • Our Board

    Aberdeen Harbour Board is an independent statutory authority formed under the terms of the Aberdeen Harbour Order Confirmation Act 1960. It is responsible for the administration, maintenance and improvement of the port.

  • Aberdeen Harbour

    Aberdeen Harbour is the UK's oldest existing business and Europe’s premier marine support centre for the oil and gas industry. Construction of the new South Harbour commenced in 2017 and the £350m project will up-scale opportunities for existing customers and open the door to new markets. Combined with the existing port, Aberdeen Harbour will soon become the largest port in Scotland in terms of berthage, and one of the most tidally unrestricted.